Cocktail of the Week: Witch's Brew


Impress your guests and ghosts with a Witch's Brew cocktail on this episode of Cocktail of the Week! Made with grape Kool-Aid, sweet elderflower liqueur and dry ice, this spooky cocktail is sure to be the hit of any party!


  • Dry ice

  • 3 quarts water

  • 6 TBSP. grape Kool-Aid or similar flavored drink mix

  • ½ 375ml bottle elderflower liqueur

  • 3 750 ml bottles dry champagne or prosecco


  1. Pour water into punch bowl. Add grape Kool-Aid to water and stir.

  2. Pour elderflower liqueur.

  3. Using tongs, taking care not to touch the dry ice, carefully drop about one fist-size piece of dry ice into bottom of a large punch bowl.

  4. Pour champagne or prosecco into the bottom of the punch bowl.

  5. Using tongs, carefully drop a chip of dry ice into each glass.

  6. Ladle into glasses.

  7. Note: Take care that you or your guests do not ingest the dry ice!

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