5 of the most haunted places in America

Whether or not you're a believer of the supernatural, these spooky stories are sure to send a chill down your spine. 

Some of the most historical spots in America are also home to the most paranormal sightings in the country. Take Gettysburg Battlefield for example -- the town was never the same after 50,000 men died in battle. Gettysburg is also haunted by the ghost of a young woman who was attacked by a Confederate soldier, and the spirit of a cruel woman who tortured children in her orphanage.

Their memories are kept alive by these supposed hauntings.

5 of the most haunted places in America
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5 of the most haunted places in America

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

The penitentiary opened in 1829 as a "radical 19th century prison designed to create social change" through strict isolation. Al Capone was one of the institution's most notorious inmates.

If these pictures aren't enough to send chills up your spine, stories from ESP's 142-year history will. The prison was believed to freeze its inmates, gag them with an iron clasp or confine them to "the mad chair." Once filled with "suicide, madness, disease, murder and torture," the institution is thought to be roamed by "troubled souls" to this day. 

The different cell-blocks are known for different hauntings: One is known for echoing voices, while another is frequently visited by a shadowy figure. The penitentiary is now a historical landmark offering tours -- and some of those who maintain the establishment have witness such hauntings. 

(Source: Visit Philly

St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida

Built in 1874, the St. Augustine Lighthouse is often included on lists of America's most haunted places. Tragic stories of children dying at the site still intrigue ghost hunters to this day -- three of whom who drowned while the lighthouse was being built. 

Another legend details the death of keeper Joseph Andreu in 1859, who fell to his death while painting the lighthouse. 

(Source: St. Augustine Record)

Gettysburg Battlefield, Pennsylvania 

We're looking back to our history classes for this one. The deadliest battle of the Civil War took place in Gettysburg, where nearly 50,000 Confederate and Union soldiers died.

While paranormal spirits are known to roam the battlefield by restless soldiers "in search of their rifles," there have also been other hauntings in the town. National Soldiers' Orphan Homestead is said to be haunted by the ghost of Rosa Carmichael, who tortured the orphans. Jennie Wade, the only civilian death in the battle, was killed at her home by a confederate soldier. 

(Source: The Travel Channel

Queen Mary, California

Once a passenger ship that sailed from Southampton to New York City until 1967, the Queen Mary is now a floating hotel out of Long Beach, California. 

The first haunted stories date back to World War II. The ship was transporting allied troops when it collided with another allied ship, the HMS Curacoa, "slicing it in half." Because the ships were in allied waters, nearly 300 aboard the smaller ship were left to die. But plenty of paranormal activity has been reported on the water -- especially in suite B-340.

The Woman in White, a ghost, dances along the corridors, while the ghosts of two woman who drowned sit near the pool deck. The same screams from a teenage sailor, who was "severed in half" by a door can still be heard. Spooky. 

(Source: Forbes

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, West Virginia

The asylum, which operated from 1864 until 1994 by the US government, is notorious for being one of the most haunted places in the US.

Despite a capacity for 250 patients, the institution housed 6 times more than that. Patients, some of whom were "caged" or chained, were crammed into cells. Treatment for the most extreme patients often included lobotomies or hydrotherapy. 

Surrounding the institution are three cemeteries, filled with bodies never claimed by their families. 

(Source: Post-Gazette

Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana 

You may have heard about Chloe, the young slave girl who haunts the quarters at Myrtles Plantation. Legend says that the young girl got revenge on her owner by poisoning his children.

Recent photographs taken on the plantation show the silhouette of Chloe in the background, a ominous reminder to visitors and historians alike of the plantation's dark past. Those who stay in the mansion, now a bed and breakfast, report children's voices floating through the house. 

(Source: Travel Channel


From Gettysburg to an asylum where the bodies of the unclaimed still remain, scroll through above to see are of the most haunted places in America.

And watch the video above for more spooky spots! 

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