Prince Harry is literally Prince Philip's twin in this 1957 throwback photo


Just last week, a throwback photo of Prince William went viral due to his uncanny resemblance to his daughter Princess Charlotte.

But today, a throwback photo of Prince Philip is going viral because of an eerily similar resemblance to his grandson Prince Harry.

Royal photographer Chris Jackson shared the picture of the Duke of Edinburgh to his Instagram account, where it's since made quite the wave on the internet.

The first photo shows Philip on the cover of Paris' Match Magazine in 1957 in his white navy uniform. The next photo shows a picture of Prince Harry today, sporting a similar official garb. Both continue to share the same nose, defined chin and smile, despite the 63-year age gap.

"Wow.. do they ever look alike...," commented one royal fan. "Quite handsome both of them!" said another.

And the royal resemblances continue! Scroll through below for some more incredible look-alikes!