How Selena Gomez, The Weeknd and more can burn 1,000 calories in under an hour without exercise


Celebrities are improving their skin and their physique without even leaving the bed!

At Shape House, an urban sweat lodge, ancient tradition and modern wellness combine to help knock off pounds and even lift energy levels and moods. The process incorporates beds equipped with infrared technology to provide a deep, penetrating heat that warms the client's body from the inside out.

Needless to say, a slew of stars have come into the New York and Los Angeles locations to get in a sweat session, including Selena Gomez, her ex, The Weeknd, Lea Michele, Mandy Moore, Khloe Kardashian, Ashley Graham, Lea Michele and more.

It's no wonder celebrities are all about Shape House as the benefits of sweating include better skin, more energy, better sleep, and weight loss name a few. Not to mention, it's a great stress reliever.

Shape House co-founder Sophie Chiche tells ET that clients come in for different reasons. "When Abel [Tesfaye] comes, which is The Weeknd, he likes the way he feels, that he can go on tour and have all this energy and feel like he doesn't need to do as much to relax after a concert," she says.

As for Gomez, Chiche says she was using the sweat sessions to help her "lose weight" but ultimately just liked the way she felt after the process. "When you start sweating regularly, your body is better self regulated," she explains.

Chiche says you can burn between 800 to 1,000 calories in one 58-minute session, and she herself saw the effects of the process while she was trying to slim down. "I was 350 pounds not that long ago," Cliche shares, noting that the process helped her to drop the pounds so she could more easily work out and have the energy to do so.

In addition to these trendy sweat sessions, Gomez also uses Pilates to stay in shape and ET got the lowdown on the best exercises to get a great butt.

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