The surprising reason you might be breaking out

We’re just going to put it out there: People with chronic acne would make excellent detectives. They will stop at nothing to find the cause (and cure) for banishing breakouts. Case in point: This now viral Reddit thread that exposed a common household product as a potential acne culprit.

Any guesses about what it is? Hold onto your hats, guys, because it’s…dryer sheets. Yep, those flimsy little squares you toss in with every load to make everything softer (and smell like a dream).

It turns out that dryer sheets coat fabric with a waxy residue, which can clog pores when it’s in contact with your skin. Many sheets also contain fragrances (it’s called “clean laundry smell” for a reason) that can cause irritation.

A safer alternative? Wool dryer balls, which will cut down on static and soften your laundry without leaving behind any residue. Better yet, add a few drops of an essential oil (we like lavender) to the ball before popping it into the dryer. This way, you’ll still get that dreamy clean laundry scent.

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