Video shows dire reason you should never put a child wearing a winter jacket in a car seat

In the wintertime, it seems natural to have your children snuggled up in their coats as you strap them into their car seat -- but it could be a deadly mistake.

During a segment on the popular medical show "Dr. Oz," the show's namesake host, Dr. Mehmet Oz, brought out NBC's Jeff Rossen to help explain how putting a child in a car seat while they're wearing a winter jacket can have horrific consequences.

In the video, Oz and Rossen analyze the results of two different crash tests -- one involving a child crash test dummy wearing normal clothing and the other involving the same dummy wearing a puffy winter coat.

Although the dummy wearing normal clothing seems to make it through the collision relatively unscathed, the winter coat-clad mannequin can be see flying right out of its car seat at the moment of impact.

A September 2017 Consumer Reports review also seems to echo Dr. Oz's advice.

The consumer protection organization recommends that parents do not secure their babies in a car seat while he or she is wearing a puffy winter coat and, instead, says they should harness the child and then cover them with a blanket if necessary.

"Puffy coats can compress during a crash and create extra space between the harness and your baby, making him or her less secure," the website explains.

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