Here are the 10 most popular costumes for Halloween this year

While it's still hitting 80 degrees on parts of the east coast, it's hard to believe Halloween is only three weeks away.

Our favorite holiday (for both kids and adults alike) will be here before you know it, so staying atop of all those fright night plans might be worth it. If you have yet to pick out your Halloween costume, let us inspire you with these getups.

Pinterest worked with Lyst to analyze their data and curate the top 10 trending costumes for this year. From Edna Mode to Tonya Harding, Black Panther to a flamingo, here's what everyone is wearing this Halloween.

Searches for the ice skating celeb shot to 720 percent due to the release of the "I, Tonya" film. Get yourself a blue skater dress, an 80s wig and mini ice skates and you're all set! 

Searches for Riverdale increased to 316 percent. Channel your inner Archie with this varsity jacket or Veronica with this cheerleading costume.

Searches for '90s icons shot to 110 percent. Whether it's Britney or The Spice Girls, throw it back with these nostalgic looks! 

Searches for Black Panther increased by 504 percent this year. There are a ton of costumes you can order online, like this sleek bodysuit. Wakanda forever!

Searches for the bird are up 77 percent this year. We're not sure why, but if you want to get on the trend, this funny inflatable costume has our vote. 

Searches for The Incredibles character is up 669 percent this year. We're into it, especially with this on-point get-up you can order online.  

7. Mamma Mia

Searches for the movie (or the song?!) shot up to a whopping 1636 percent this year, no doubt to this year's on-screen revival. Channel your inner dancing queen with this psychedelic bodysuit

Searches for astrology-inspired costumes were up 33 percent this year. Whether that means looking to the stars for your costume or dressing as a galactic princess, these costumes are out of this world. 

Searches for the eccentric artist is up 55 percent. And while there are plenty of ways to dress up as her, we're loving this Day of the Dead dress. Skip the makeup and opt for a colorful flower crown instead.

10. Cow

Searches for the animal are up 680 percent this year. Who knows why, but this cozy jumpsuit will leave your friends laughing out loud. 

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