Pregnant Hilary Duff tries "The Maternity Salad" from infamous LA eatery Caioti --legend says it will induce labor within hours


Every day, Studio City's Caioti Pizza Cafe serves around 8 to 12 pregnant women, all of whom have stumbled into the famous eatery in LA in desperate hopes of getting their labor going.

The restaurant, which was established in 1987, has made headlines for "The Maternity Salad."

A simple concoction of romaine, gorgonzola, walnuts, watercress and the restaurant's secret balsamic dressing, the dish has become famous for moms-to-be, many of whom have traveled far and wide for a taste of Caioti's magical mix.

Some drink the dressing straight from the bottle.

Actress Hilary Duff has joined the thousands of hopeful moms hoping to induce labor. Nine months pregnant with her second child, a girl, Duff has been documenting her pregnancy journey for her 10 million Instagram followers, including her brief stop at Caioti's.

"This salad is supposed to make you go into labor...@caioti_pizza don't let me down," she posted to her Instagram stories. No word yet on if the salad intervention worked.

See more of the child star over the years:

Even LA-area OBGYNs recommend the restaurant to their patients. "Doctors send their patients here — so do midwives and doulas," explained owner of Caioti's Carrie LaDou. "Everybody knows us and the salad has become an end-of-pregnancy tradition for most locals."

Some attest its powers to the enzymes in the dressing, but whether that's true or not, the legend lives on.

"There are now kids that are literally in their twenties who come in and eat and tell us that their mom ate the salad," added LaDou.

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