Is your date a good person? Try this 30-second trick to find out

You swiped right because he had a great profile photo. (You can’t resist a cute guy in swim trunks walking a pug on the beach.) He seemed sweet and funny over text and on the phone. But now, eek: He wants to meet you in person for a drink. Or double eek: dinner.

Even if you’re the best judge of character in the universe, blind dates are tricky—especially if you don’t have any mutual friends to vouch for him. Is he really as cool, kind and funny as he seems? Or is he just a jerk in nice-guy clothing?

On your first date, try this 30-second trick to find out: Pay close attention to the way he treats the staff at the restaurant or bar. Does he thank the busboy who hands him a fork? Does he say “please” and “thank you” when he orders his burger? Does he push his chair in when he gets up to use the bathroom so the server won’t trip? If the answer is yes, he’s second-date material (provided you also click with him, of course).

If he ignores—or worse, insults—the staff, it doesn’t matter how nicely he treats you. This is a huge red flag that his nice-guy display is all an act. Better to cut your losses now, before it’s your Aunt Judy he’s treating rudely.

Don’t worry, there are other guys with pugs in the sea.

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