Here's why people are refrigerating their beauty products

Recently we’ve been seeing mini fridges packed with beauty products all over Instagram. (There’s even a #beautyfridge.) And we’ve got to admit, they’re pretty darn cute. But is it actually necessary to chill your products? Depends on what they are.

Which products should you toss in the fridge? Natural beauty products—especially the ones you use sporadically, like a face mask—should be chilled since they lack the chemical preservatives that keep them stable for longer periods of time. Products with retinol or vitamin C are more sensitive to heat and light and should also be stored in cool, dark places. And you know how your mom always keeps her nail polishes in the fridge? She really does know best. Nail polishes can separate and get clumpy when they’ve been siting out for a while. Ditto perfumes, which can actually break down over time and cause the scent to change. Lastly, chilling your toners, mists and under-eye treatments can help soothe itchy skin and reduce puffiness.

Which ones should you keep at room temperature? Most creams and oils are best used at room temperature because the cold can actually change the consistency of these products and cause them to become hardened or thickened. And as anyone who has ever had a tub of coconut oil knows, oils tend to solidify at lower temps.

Bottom line: Whether you decide to chill your products or not, always store them away from heat, light and moisture (think more bedside table and less medicine cabinet next to the shower). To Buy

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