Does anti-perspirant deodorant cause breast cancer? Top breast cancer surgeon answers!

One myth that always seems to be swirling around is the supposed connection between deodorant and breast cancer.

According to top breast surgeon and author of Breasts: The Owner’s Manual, Dr. Kristi Funk, the myth may have originated because deodorants used to contain parabens. Although parabens weren’t tied to breast cancer, she says, they were thought of as “endocrine disruptors in the body.”

These days, even though most deodorants don’t have parabens, she tells us, there is still a fear of a correlation with breast cancer.

How come?

Because, Dr. Funk says, deodorants have aluminum chlorohydrates that plug your pores as an antiperspirant (to prevent sweating)

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People think, she tells us, that plugging your pores with aluminum might be toxic or cause toxins to build up in the body and get into lymph nodes. However, not so, she says.

“It has absolutely no basis in physiology," Dr. Funk says, "and there’s zero scientific evidence.”

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