Winona Ryder's complete style transformation


Winona Ryder has always been the queen of the LBD.

Even before the cult classic "Beetlejuice" hit theaters in 1988, Ryder was already striving to emulate the character of Lydia in all-black.

In a way, the icon's early career defined 90s style. High-waisted jeans and leather jackets became a go-to of the famous actress, while she experimented a bit with chokers and pixie cuts. It wasn't unlike Ryder to take the red carpet in a dark red lip to complement her grunge look.

Her comeback from the 2001 shoplifting scandal saw Ryder's return to her closet staple -- black dresses paired with high heels, frequently accessorized with headbands or patterned coats. But it was Winona's most recent revival -- a la "Stranger Things" -- that proved she's still got it.

She's blown us away with her most recent red carpet looks, mostly made up of sophisticated gowns -- in black, of course. Scroll through above to see the actress' complete style transformation!

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