#GirlBoss Sophia Amoruso dishes on the importance of self-care and bouncing back from 'failures'


If there is one person who completely owns, embodies (and actually coined the term) “#GirlBoss” it’s Sophia Amoruso. The former CEO of Nasty Gal recently spoke to AOL and gave us the rundown on bouncing back from failure and her basic (but important!) self-care tips.

Between speaking engagements, hosting a weekly podcast and running a media company, it’s hard for Amoruso not to feel burnt out, but she says the rewards of taking care of yourself do pay off.

“Investing in yourself in simple ways allows you to show up to work and perform at your best,” says the #girlboss. She explains that doing simple things such as taking a walk outside, grabbing coffee or even going on the treadmill are all forms of self-care, and practices she often partakes in. “It doesn’t have to be expensive … it’s about taking time for yourself.”

Taking care of yourself whether it’s your mind, body or appearance is an important self-care principle that isn’t shallow or narcissistic, says the badass CEO. Amoruso is currently undergoing Invisalign treatment and tells us that it’s not something she “has to think about” but it’s affecting her in a positive manner and fulfilling an insecurity she had about her teeth.

It’s about “feeling confident” she tells us. That’s a form of self-care -- feeling our best.

Feeling her best after “failure” is a priority to Amoruso. While she wouldn’t necessarily call them failures but more of learning experiences, she’s making sure she doesn't repeat the same “mistakes” with Girl Boss as she did with Nasty Gal.

“We live in a world where we’ve been told that success is just work and money,” says Amoruso. She goes on to explain that it’s about how you feel inside that really matters, not the criticism and judgment from the outside world. When you feel good, you do your best she says.

“And that’s what I strive for.”