Is Meghan Markle pregnant? Twitter sure thinks so!


Sorry, Meghan and Harry, we won't rest until a pregnancy announcement is made.

The royal newlyweds have been very vocal about their desire to start a family of their own. And with all the bonding taking place between Duchess of Sussex and her new niece and nephews, there's no doubt in our minds that a baby will be brewin' soon (if not already!) -- fingers crossed!

And Twitter agrees. Eagle-eyed royal fans have been paying very close (probably too close...) attention to Meghan's body to see if any changes are taking place.

See the look making waves:

Following her appearance at the 100 Days of Peace benefit concert in early September, the internet was convinced she was sporting a tiny bump. But alas, no announcement followed, so we're just thinking it was the cut of the dress and the angle of photographs that gave off such an impression.

But Twitter is on it again! The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped out on Wednesday to launch her cookbook Together with the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire. While Harry's look of pure love and Meghan's chic mom stole the show, the internet was zooming in on Meghan's belly.

We're sure hoping so!