Victoria's Secret Angel Martha Hunt reveals small details on the VS Fashion Show, her favorite workouts and more


While we haven't heard much about the highly-anticipated Victoria's Secret Fashion Show -- aside from which models have been confirmed thus far and where it will be held -- Martha Hunt promises that this year's show will be as spectacular as the past few years, which were most recently held in Paris and Shanghai.

"It's in New York, which I'm so excited about!" the 29-year-old beauty explained to AOL Lifestyle when we caught up with her to preview Victoria's Secret Fall Collection.

"I'm most excited about the performers...which I can't really talk about," Hunt laughs. "The performance really sets the tone for the mood of the show and I love interacting with them on the stage and them giving me attitude when I'm on the runway," she continued.

The veteran model, who earned her Victoria's Secret angel wings back in 2015, has been busy preparing for the upcoming lingerie spectacular with the help of exercises such as barre. "I personally like to do a lot of low impact sport workouts because it's better for my back," she said.

But she's not quite there yet. "I've set a goal to be able to correct my squat form. My trainer and I have been working really hard on glutes, hamstrings and all of that," she said.

"I've always been doing glute work when I'm on the road because by the time the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show happens I want to be able to do 10 consecutive squats. And everyone's like 'oh, 10 squats, that's not that big of a deal.' But if you look at my squats now, I have a long way to go!"

For Hunt it's squats, but for other Angels like Adriana Lima, it might be boxing. Nonetheless, the versatility of Victoria's Sport latest collection is perfect for all different types of workouts.

"I love this new collection because there's such a great range of support for minimum support, maximum support, depending on the kind of workouts you want to do," she said.

You can shop Victoria Sport's latest collection here:

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