See Meghan Markle react to her intricate wedding veil in documentary sneak peek


Meghan Markle was completely in awe of her wedding look!

In a sneak peek of an upcoming, two-part documentary entitled Queen of the World, fans get some insight into how Meghan, 37, felt the day before her wedding to Prince Harry back in May.

During the short clip -- which is set to the tune of "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton -- viewers get to see Meghan admiring her veil, which was adorned with 55 flowers in honor of each of the 53 Commonwealth nations, stalks of wheat to symbolize love and charity, and two special additions: Wintersweet, which grows in front of the couple’s Nottingham Cottage home at Kensington Palace, and the California poppy, the official flower of Meghan’s home state.

"Fifty-three countries, oh my goodness! It'll keep us busy," Harry's then-fiancee -- who's wearing the same dress she wore arriving at the Cliveden House Hotel the night before her wedding -- exclaims in the video.

A voiceover later declares of Queen Elizabeth II, "She's not just our queen, she's queen to many," alongside videos of the British monarch chatting and walking down a hallway.

Fans will also spot appearances from Prince Charles, Prince William and Harry in the video. Harry, 34, even cracks a joke, telling a group of people, "If you suddenly bump into her in the corridor, don't panic! And then you will. We all do!"

The documentary will, according to a press release, offer "a unique insight into Her Majesty The Queen’s role as a figure on the global stage and the baton she is passing to the younger members of the Royal Family as they continue to build the Commonwealth connection."

With over a year of access to the queen and those that surround her, the series will also share videos from the royal family's private film archives.

Queen of the World will begin airing on ITV in the U.K. on Sept. 25, before premiering on HBO in the U.S. on Oct. 1.

See the best moments from Harry and Meghan's wedding below: