Which states are the happiest in the country?


They say happiness is a state of mind -- but according to a new survey, it could be a literal state.

Wallet Hub released their annual survey ranking of the happiest states in America.

See the list here:

The rankings were determined by 3 key aspects: work environment; emotional and physical well-being; and community and environment.

They also looked at other factors, including income growth, divorce rates, and sports participation, along with more serious topics such as depression and suicide rates.

An assistant professor of psychology at Murray State University spoke to WalletHub, saying, “Where we live has a huge influence on our level of happiness.”

She went on to say, “When we live somewhere with access to characteristics that are good for our health, like sunshine, fresh air, healthy foods, and good medical care, we tend to be happier.”

See the least happy states here:

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