Merriam-Webster just added more than 800 words to the dictionary -- here are our ‘faves’

Every so often, Merriam-Webster updates its dictionary to reflect the current English vocabulary…and bless, this time it’s added a whopping 800-plus words to the tome. What made the cut? Foreign food terms, tech trends and plenty of abbrevs . Here, a few of our, um, faves. (Sorry, had to.)

Like, “the toast had so much avo that I ate it with a fork.”

This Is Us or Big Little Lies.

Like, “that $500 gilded hair dryer is so bougie, but we need it.”

Like, “Timothée Chalamet is my absolute fave.”

Force quit
Like, “I had 46 tabs open and had to force quit the browser when it froze my computer.”

“Greatest of all time.” See also: Serena Williams.

Aka our favorite Korean condiment that goes with everything.

“This intermittent fasting diet has me so hangry, I accidentally made Tina cry.”

Instagram (as a verb)
“Hold up, I have to Instagram this avo toast.”

The person behind those anonymous junk calls you get three times a day.

Time suck
Like, “I just lost three hours scrolling through Instagram—what a time suck!”

“Too long; didn’t read.” But you did read…right?

Which words have you been misspelling?