Meghan Markle's dog is writing a book and, no, we're not kidding

Long before Prince Harry stole her heart, Meghan Markle’s right-hand man was her four-legged pup named Guy. But just when we thought the beagle peaked (ahem, he rode to the wedding rehearsal with Queen Elizabeth), this happened.

The rescue pup is teaming up with Simon and Schuster to write a humorous, all-ages book titled His Royal Dogness, Guy the Beagle: The Rebarkable True Story of Meghan Markle’s Rescue Dog. (Not kidding.)

Of course, Guy didn’t go at it alone. He enlisted Mike Brumm (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) and Camille March to write the story, along with EG Keller (A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo), who drew the illustrations.

His Royal Dogness is about Guy finding acceptance in the royal family. The story begins with his rescue in Kentucky and concludes with life in the palace.

The book is filled with loads of cultural humor from Guy’s perspective, including learning to go to the bathroom on the other side of the fire hydrant and accidentally eating Prince Charles’s sandwich. (Hey, it happens.)

His Royal Dogness, Guy the Beagle will hit bookshelves on November 20. In the meantime, we’ll be preordering this bad good boy on Amazon.

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