The adorable love stories of 11 presidents and their first ladies

  • Some US presidents and first ladies can boast of pretty swoon-worthy love stories.

  • Grace and Calvin Coolidge met after she spied him shaving through a window; Theodore and Edith Roosevelt were childhood friends whose relationship blossomed into something more.

  • Here's a look at some of the most romantic presidential love stories.

Marriage is one thing that all of the US presidents throughout history have in common — with the exception of lifelong bachelor James Buchanan.

Not all of those relationships were equally rock steady, though.

Some first ladies, like John Quincy Adams's wife Louisa, felt deeply uncomfortable in the realm of politics.

Meanwhile, a number of presidents, like James Garfield, Warren Harding, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Bill Clinton, were known for their philandering.

And a few presidential pairs, like Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, functioned more like work colleagues than spouses.

Still, the book "First Ladies: Presidential Historians on the Lives of 45 Iconic American Women," serves up plenty of heartwarming anecdotes. Many of the most famous and powerful people in American history could be quite romantic, as it turns out.

Here's a look inside some of the most touching love stories between US presidents and their first ladies:

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