7 secrets teachers know about your kids and you don’t

What’s your kid really thinking, saying, and doing when you’re not around? We asked the teachers, principals, coaches, tutors, and counselors who spend time with them.

Secrets teachers know about your kids that you don't
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Secrets teachers know about your kids that you don't

Your kids want to talk about family issues they might not understand

“You think what happens at home stays at home? We hear about your financial problems, your nasty fights, your drinking problem. We end up knowing way too much about everybody.”—Anonymous principal

“Kids dish on your secrets all the time—money, religion, politics, even dad’s vasectomy.”—Anonymous teacher   These are some more things your child’s teacher won’t tell you.

Your kids come into their own when they aren’t with you

“Your kid is a lot less shy and a lot more competent than you think.”—Anonymous camp counselor   This is what your kid’s principal is secretly thinking.

Yes, your kid lies to you. Even the one who gets all As

“Don’t tell me your child would never lie to you. All kids make mistakes, and great students are often the ones most afraid to tell their parents when they screw up.”—Anonymous principal    You should steal these secret habits of straight-A students.

Your kids wish you weren’t a know-it-all

“Your child doesn’t want you to be an expert in his sport. I believe a big reason lacrosse has become so popular is that the kids know their parents don’t understand the game, so all Mom and Dad can do is watch the match.”—Anonymous coach

For whatever reason, your kids are cutting back on studying

“Most kids aren’t spending as much time on their work as they say. A lot of the time, I can tell that the hour they’re working with me is the only hour they’re working on that subject.”—Anonymous tutor

Your kid might be short some very basic life skills 

“Kids used to go out and play after school and resolve problems on their own. Now with computers and TV, they lack the skills to communicate. They don’t know how to get past hurt feelings without telling the teacher and having her fix it.”—Anonymous teacher   Make sure you teach your kids these 17 very important manners.

Your kids might be too easily distracted

“It’s really tough to keep kids focused these days. I’ve had players who were text messaging in the locker room before the game. Last year, I kicked a player out of practice because he had his cell phone in his sock.”—Anonymous coach   Next, learn these teacher-approved tips that’ll help your kid get ready for back-to-school.


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