Kate Middleton allegedly co-founded a drinking society in college


It's no secret that both Prince William and Prince Harry have married strong, feminist, forward-thinking women -- and we're here for it.

Take Prince Harry's wife, Meghan Markle, for instance. From being publicly outspoken about her views to her protocol-pushing outfit choices, we love seeing the more modern take that she's bringing to the royal family.

And Kate Middleton, wife to Prince William, is no different. The latest development in why we are permanent members of the Duchess Kate fan club is that she reportedly co-founded a drinking society while she was in college at St. Andrew's. Yes, you read that correctly.

In 2007, The Guardian reported that Kate co-founded this club (at the same college where she met Prince William) because she was "annoyed that the old ones excluded women." Traditionally, drinking clubs are like secretive, exclusive British fraternities where people get together and socialize -- and they are typically reserved for all males. But that old rule was apparently no match for the duchess-to-be.

While there aren't many details on what went on in Kate's drinking society, a source shares that "no one remembers her getting very drunk." Cheers to trailblazing women; we'll raise a glass to that!

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