Twitter believes that Melania Trump's 'body double' has returned again


Will the real Melania Trump please stand up?

The first family jetted off to Columbus, Ohio last week to visit the Nationwide Children's Hospital and later dine with the state's Republican Party. Melania's sleek white skirt suit was the talk of the town -- but now, many are convinced that it wasn't Melania who boarded Air Force One after all.

Twitter is convinced that the Trump administration has been using a FLOTUS body double to take Melania's place at certain events.

The conspiracy theory first ignited back in October 2017, when the "first lady" attended a press conference to discuss hurricane relief efforts. Behind President Trump stood a woman many think replaced Melania, who was trying to mimic the first lady's style with oversized sunglasses, a buttoned-up coat and a nearly-identical sleek blowout.

After scrutinizing the woman behind Trump -- including the shape of her nose -- Twitter quickly deemed that it was in fact a "fake Melania."

Conspiracy theorists are at it again, this time asserting that Melania's body double is back. Video footage from the Ohio trip has gone viral for these bizarre speculations, garnering nearly 2.7 million views.

Some have addressed the possible disparities between the women's haircut and even their handshakes and body language. "Totally different. Demeanor is totally different, bold, assertive. Not Melania ! Too chunky. 'Melanie' is back," said one observer.

"Melania doesn't smile that much ... can't be her," wrote another.

A few have even suggested that it's Hope Hicks who's been replacing FLOTUS, or Melania's look-alike secret service agent, while others are certain the White House has had her cloned.

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