This is how Meghan and Harry kept their honeymoon plans top secret

There is no doubt that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding was a fabulous and over-the-top royal affair. But, what we all want to know now is if their royal honeymoon matched the grandeur of their nuptials. It turns out that only Queen Elizabeth and Prince William know the answer to that question. Find out all the little details you might have missed about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding day.

A source with close relations to Buckingham Palace told The Sun “the most senior members of the royal household staff still have no idea where they went,” with the exception of the Queen and Prince William. But how on Earth is it possible that the most famous couple of the year can travel in such secrecy? Well, it turns out that when you’re royalty you can request that only those most trusted and highly involved with the trip can know of your whereabouts.

“It was very important that the newlyweds had a private honeymoon where they could be alone together out of the public eye,” the source said. That makes sense and is understandable, especially since every detail of the couple’s relationship has been shared with the entire world.

One thing we do know is Harry denied that their honeymoon would be in Namibialike many people thought. It was thought that Canada was possibly the winning destination for the lovebirds, with alleged reports of Markle traveling solo to Canada, however, these turned out to be unsubstantiated rumors. Royal correspondent Omid Scobie told Harper’s Bazaar that sources revealed to her that Prince Harry and Markle were actually at Lake Como in Northern Italy with George and Amal Clooney during the time there was speculation that Markle was in Canada.

Wherever the royal couple travels for their honeymoon, what we do know is that they are definitely taking advantage of these royal family travel secrets.

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