Alexandra Daddario on acting, producing and being an animal advocate

If you watch TV or movies in any capacity, there's a pretty good chance that you have watched something that Alexandra Daddario has acted in.

From the Baywatch reboot to the action movie San Andreas to Netflix's romantic comedy When We First Met, the 32-year-old actress has seemingly been a part of projects from every genre possible. We caught up with the actress to hear about what's next for her (hint: she getting behind the camera), and to learn more about a cause that is very close to her heart just in time for National Dog Day. Read the full conversation below:

AOL: It's terrific to hear that you are a major advocate for animal adoption. How did you become so involved with this cause?

Daddario: I have an adopted dog myself and I found that he’s just the coolest dog ever. So I'm passionate about my dog -- he'd been neglected and it took a while for him to feel happy and safe -- and it was such a beautiful process to watch that and grow closer with my dog. And really he sees my lifestyle and keeps me active, and when I lived alone it was so nice to have like this joyous creature come up and greet me every time I came home.

So I highly encourage people, if they’re in the market to get a dog, to adopt. And Autotrader approached me because they know how into dog adoption I am, and they're doing this really cool thing where they’re partnering with, which is the largest non-profit pet adoption website, and they’re doing this really cool, cute thing where they’re creating in honor of National Dog Day, which is on August 26th!

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So you know like where Autotrader makes it incredibly easy to find a car? is built on that same model where you just put in the breed you're looking for, the size, your location and all of the adoptable dogs in the area pop up!

That's awesome to see a major company taking an interest in a cause like this! You seem to travel a ton for work and all of your different obligations; do you have any advice for traveling with a dog?

Yeah, I mean I think it's really about their temperament. I know my dog loves being active, he loves hiking, he’s got a lot of energy and that has really helped my lifestyle to be more out there and to explore more of California and hikes and different locations. And it's not just about working out anymore for me, it's about being adventurous and finding new places. I have this weird thing where I don’t want my dog to feel bored. Even though that's ridiculous, it's helped me be more adventurous, and the car that I have I got specifically because it suited my lifestyle. I go on road trips and throw my dog in the car and we like to to travel and so it just suits me.

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And when you're not hanging out with your pup, you're working! We're so excited to hear that you're not only going to be staring in the upcoming movie Can You Keep a Secret? but you're also producing it. What was it like being in front of and behind the camera for the same project?

It's cool, you know, I think it's a testament to my hard work. It's crazy to think that I’ve been in L.A. for almost 10 years and I’ve been doing this for so long that I'm at this place where I can help get a movie green lit and help sort of steer it in the right direction. I think it's also a testament to Hollywood and how things are changing.

Now we have more women behind the scenes and I know there are a lot of young women trying to encourage and uplift other women to take more control over their projects. Like Margo Robbie started her production company and I really admire what they're doing and sort of allowing young women and actresses who have never produced before to have a platform. So it's an exciting time to be in Hollywood, and I'm excited about having more control over the projects that I'm a part of, because I think creating a safe environment where people's voices are heard and problems get solved is extremely important for the end product of the film.

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Autotrader has the widest variety of car options and they are celebrating National Dog Day (August 26) by creating (which is live now and running for a limited time), and as Alexandra Daddario is such a big dog adoption advocate herself, she values Autotrader’s commitment to get dogs out of shelters and into loving homes.