Princess Diana was the spitting image of her father, and this photo is proof

When Charles Spencer (aka the younger brother of, yep, Diana Spencer) recently tweeted a picture of his late father, royal fans went wild.

Why? Because blonde-haired, blue-eyed John Spencer looked just like Princess Diana (or vice versa). See for yourself:

The image, previously only in black and white, was digitally colorized by Marina Amaral (whose work involves adding color to old photos based on extensive historical research). And in color, we have to say...the resemblance is striking. (And we definitely see some William and Harry in there too.)

Photo credit: Getty

Spencer said of his father, “He was a gentle, kind man without any pretentiousness. He was a loving father and a man who enjoyed meeting people of every background. He treated everyone with great respect.” Here, here.

See more pictures of Princess Diana below: