Taiwan restaurant dishes up ice cream puppies almost too real to eat

Puppies are on the menu at this restaurant in Taiwan and every day happy customers take pictures and tuck into the them, limb by limb, feeling sorry and happy at the same time.

The Shar-Pei puppies look almost too real to eat but are made chocolate, milk tea or peanut-flavoured ice cream.

J.C. Co Art Kitchen in the southern city Kaohsiung has been serving these treats since last month, making them in special moulds with a special recipe that creates a hairy-looking frost on top of the ice cream.

The ice cream is frozen at minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit so it will keep shape long enough for staff to color the puppies' eyes with chocolate sauce before the wrinkled features of the dog start melting.

One puppy ice cream takes about five hours to make and customers can devour the small ones for 110 NTD (about 3.50 USD) and the larger ones for 180 NTD (5.90 USD).

Thanks to social media, the restaurant is struggling to keep up with demand as they can only make a 100 per day.