Chip Gaines’s fans are up in arms over the way he cuts cornbread…yeah, seriously

Chip Gaines is no stranger to high jinks, but his latest stunt has left the internet completely divided for reasons we can’t quite comprehend.

It all started when Gaines made a dad joke about accidentally placing baby Crew’s car seat on the oven.

The Fixer Upperstar wrote, “If you’ve read my book #CapitalGaines you know I’m NO child safety specialist, but even I know this can’t be a good place for a car seat.”

Instead of laughing at his dad jokes or raising concern about Crew’s safety, fans immediately turned their attention to a nearby Pyrex. Some asked if it was filled with cornbread, some wondered if it was cake, but all agreed that serving from the middle is just plain strange.

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One impassioned fan wrote, “Who cuts cake like that? It’s just wrong!” Another complained that it was going to give them “bad dreams.” Others applauded his ingenuity, calling him a “rebel” and encouraging him to keep being himself.

Some even suggested it was a “publicity stunt.” For what? We can’t be sure, but it’s likely just a pan that found itself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In short, let Gaines eat cake (or cornbread) in peace.

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