We found our new favorite foundation (and it’s unlike any we’ve tried before)


If you’re one of those people who never really liked the feeling of foundation on your skin, you might want to give tinted face oil a try. Or if you’re someone who constantly deals with dry patches under your makeup, you also might want to give tinted face oil a try. And if you’re a complete putz when it comes to applying makeup...you might want to give tinted face oil a try.

Though there are similar products out there, we're partial to Kosas's version because it's the only one we've tried that actually delivers some coverage. The fact that it also boasts a clean ingredient list (it's free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates) is an added bonus. The formula uses mineral pigments and botanical oils like avocado and jojoba to hydrate and even out your complexion.

Just make sure to give the bottle a good shake before applying. (Minerals and oils mean things tend to separate when sitting.) Once shaken, application is as easy as gliding your fingertips over your skin. Seriously, the stuff pretty much melts on contact so there’s no real blending required. There are ten shades in total—which might not seem like a lot—but given how forgiving the texture is, it's easier to find your match than most traditional foundations.

Another thing to note: If you have very dark circles under your eyes or a particularly inflamed spot on your face, you’re still going to need some concealer on those areas. Though the formula provides a respectable amount of coverage on its own, it’s not meant for heavy-duty wear. In other words, it will soften things considerably but not eradicate them.

From serum foundations to CC creams, we’ve tried them all over the years, but nothing has felt nor has made our skin look as soft and smooth as this stuff. It’s a true skin-care-meets-makeup hybrid (and one that will become particularly helpful come winter, when our faces start to feel tight and dry).

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