The real reason Princess Diana secretly met JFK’s son

In 1995, Princess Diana and JFK Jr. met in New York City for a top secret get-together. The meeting itself was pulled off with a stealth only two royals (let’s face it, JFK Jr. was basically an American royal) could pull off.

At this time, Diana was separated from Charles, so the paparazzi flocked to the scene looking for gossip. But they stood at the wrong door. The press assumed that the two would enter in the less visible side entrance of the Carlyle, and that’s exactly the opposite of what they did. Kennedy’s inner circle, figuring that the press would be at the side door, sent Diana and JFK Jr. right in the front entrance.

Find out what really happened between Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

But the real question is, what circumstances brought these two together at a hotel in New York City?

It was actually because of a magazine.

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John F. Kennedy Jr. established George, his own political-as-lifestyle magazine, in 1995 with co-founder Michael Berman. The magazine’s catchphrase was “Not just politics as usual” and the magazine attempted to make politics more interesting by marrying it with celebrities and other entertainment media. While George only lasted until 2001, it quickly gained traction in its heyday. Kennedy spoke with celebrities like Madonna, Julia Roberts, Barbara Streisand, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, to name just a few.

The reason he met up with Diana, though, was because he wanted her to be the cover model. Diana and John Jr. had never met––or even spoken––before, so she asked to meet with him before she agreed to pose for the cover. After the one-and-a-half hour meeting, Diana decided against shooting the cover story, but the fact that the duo was able to meet without paparazzi interference is pretty groundbreaking. Now, take a look at these 11 stunning, rarely seen photos of Princess Diana.

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