*This* genius savings hack is so weird, it just might work

Long-term financial #goals: Build up your emergency savings so you don’t have to fret for a moment if the car breaks down or if you need a last-minute spa day for the good of your mental health. (Hey, we all work hard.) Here, a sneaky—and actually quite clever—way to add cash to your account fast.

What you do: You go to the grocery store and buy a few items sans debit or credit card. Yep, you’re paying cash. But when the cashier passes you your change, it includes a $5 bill. Instead of spending it, tuck it away when you get home—in an envelope, in your mattress—wherever. Follow this plan anytime you cross paths with a $5 bill and, in a few short years, you could end up with thousands set aside.

Whoa, come again? Think about it: Nowadays, we hardly ever use cash. But when we do, it’s kind of rare that you’ll see a $5. Make it a game to hold onto them and you’ll be surprised at how fast the dollars add up. (Case in point: This Massachusetts woman set aside every $5 since 2005—she estimates about $35 per week—and ended up with a cool $40K to spend at her leisure. Pretty impressive.)

Yeah, but that took her over ten years. Still, $35 times 52 weeks a year is an additional $1,820 you can set aside annually. That’s a lot of car repairs and spa days you could cover, no?

Game on.

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