The internet can't get over this photo of Melania gardening


FLOTUS Melania Trump made headlines this week after a photo of her from 2017 went viral. The photo in question is from an afternoon when she welcomed children into the While House Garden, originally founded by former first lady Michelle Obama.

While her outfit wasn't the only thing that had people talking, it definitely did make a statement. Melania wore a plaid button down from Balmain, that retails for $1,380 on Net-a-Porter, along with dark pants, black sunglasses, navy sneakers and red garden gloves.

But what really had the internet going was a particular photo that was snapped during Melania's afternoon in the garden. The image shows the first lady in the garden in a bit of an awkward pose, garden tool in hand, and let's just say that Twitter (and Chrissy Teigen) had a lot to say.

It seems like Twitter can turn just about anything into a meme these days! See what Melania has been up to this summer below.

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