Wellness expert Bianca Cheah reveals her top skincare tips while traveling


If you're a die-hard wellness lover, chances are you've heard of Bianca Cheah. The multi-hyphenate wellness expert, model and businesswoman has amassed nearly 170,000 followers on Instagram since starting her lifestyle website Sporteluxe in 2012.

We've seen Bianca jet-setting all over the world through her Instagram feed -- from Australia to Los Angeles and even New York City -- and it's safe to say that she's pretty used to living life on the go. But we all know that traveling, from new climates to bacteria-filled airplanes, can wreak serious havoc on your skin. Thankfully, Bianca revealed to AOL Lifestyle the tips and tricks she swears by for maintaining her flawless complexion while traveling to some of the most stunning locations all over the world.

AOL: Walk us through your skincare routine when you're traveling

Bianca: I travel every 2-3 months back to Australia for work. Traveling back and forward to Sydney and LA does impact my skin because the climates are so different. Sydney is quite humid and then LA is so dry. And I have oily to combination skin, which my skin usually has an identity crisis when I travel so much haha. So when traveling I always carry facial wipes with me and wipe my face, then I’ll massage a really rich hydrating moisturizer into my skin for when I sleep (usually I find it hard to sleep on a plane).

AOL: What are the top 3 skincare products you can't live without when you're traveling?

Bianca: I always pack a face mask. Depending on how my skin is feeling, clay masks are a favorite of mine for detoxing my skin and then jelly-like-creamy textures are for hydrating my skin. I also do tend to break out with niggling pimples every now and again and I swear by my Shiseido Pureness Blemish Clearing Gel which works pretty much overnight for me. And then my moisturizer. At the moment I’m loving the Flor Essence Cream. It’s been my savior from dry skin.

AOL: What is the No. 1 piece of skincare advice that you have for people who are traveling a lot?

Bianca: Hydrate with plenty of water and choose the right moisturizer. A lot of people still use their same moisturizer for every climate and I can’t stress enough that our skin types change with the different climates. So that's why I always change my skincare to the climate I’m in.

AOL: What are other ways, besides skincare, in which you practice self-care while traveling?

Bianca: It’s funny cause when I travel on the plane I obviously don’t have access to wifi so can’t check social media or my emails, so it forces my mind to be still, which is where my music comes in. Usually, I don’t watch the movies or read, and I’ll just listen to my Spotify playlists while closing my eyes. I’m not fully asleep, I’m just in such a state of mindfulness and calmness that it’s usually this time when I’ll always have the best ideas just pop up from nowhere. So I always carry a notebook with me when I travel cause I know my brain will end up sending me a handful of new and exciting ideas while I’m chilling.

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