Celeb moms can't live without *this* gadget in their homes


The most underrated item in your home? Your humidifier.

Believe it or not, humidifiers have a wide array of health, beauty and home benefits that you may not know about. While humidifiers are most commonly used in the winter time, having the A/C on all summer can wreak havoc on your skin and health. Those beloved A/C units may be the culprit behind your dry skin or throat during the summer months!

From a health perspective, humidifiers help reduce the risk of infections because viruses and bacteria have more trouble traveling through the moist air.

And in the beauty front, using a humidifier may be the secret to glowing skin you've been waiting for. Cold, dry air instantly zaps the moisture out of your skin, leading to that dreaded and unwanted flakey, dull appearance.

Surprisingly, using a humidifier also boasts benefits like keeping your houseplants healthy or protecting wood furnishings. We weren't kidding when we said humidifiers can do it all!

But which humidifier should you purchase? Celeb moms, from Jennifer Garner to Kourtney Kardashian, are totally loving humidifiers from Crane. The brand's humidifiers come in a sleek, drop-like shape in a wide variety of colors to suit your style.

You can opt for the minimalistic-style black or white drop for the master bedroom, and opt for a more colorful hue for your child's room. For those that want a more high-tech version, Crane also offers their smartDROP humidifier that comes complete with Wi-Fi technology, meaning you can control the settings on your smartphone.

Crane's original 'Drop' model retails for $50, and with rave reviews on Amazon, it'll be worth every penny!