Prince George's fifth birthday gift is truly fit for royalty

Prince George's fifth birthday gift is truly fit for royalty

Prince George will turn five this Saturday (can you believe it?!) and the gifts are already rolling in!

In honor of the prince's big day on July 22nd, People reports that the Royal Mint will "issue a £5 (about $6.50) commemorative coin" that the public will be able to buy!

The coin is titled "The Progress of a Prince" and depicts St. George atop of a horse, battling a dragon. The Royal Mint explains that the story of St. George has been linked to coins for centuries as it symbolizes "courage and the triumph of good over evil." The coin will also have the year of 2018 displayed at the bottom.

Photo: The Royal Mint

The name of the coin and the courageous story behind the young prince's namesake is the perfect way to celebrate Prince George's fifth birthday. The other side of the coin will have a picture of Queen Elizabeth, his great grandmother.

Prince George has had a very busy summer so far and it is only halfway through! Besides celebrating his birthday this weekend, the young prince gained a new sibling in Prince Louis, acted as a pageboy in the royal wedding, celebrated his great grandmother's birthday and attended his brother's christening. See a few of Prince George's cutest shots below!

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