Here’s why you need to start buying cakes at Costco

Costco is certainly a magical fairytale when it comes to successful grocery shopping, given that their prices (and food) are almost incomparable to some of those other larger supermarket brands. There are tons of Costco shopping tips that can help save you money, and we just found another that you're going to love: Buy your cakes at Costco.

It's as simple as that, given that Costco's cake prices are significantly cheaper compared to brands like Walmart and BJ's. Turns out, you can actually buy a half-sheet cake at Costco for $18.99, which can serve up to 48 people per cake! This is cheap already, but it's even cheaper when you look at the prices for other brands. At Walmart and BJ's, you can the same amount of cake for $25, or half the amount for around $17. That's right—a quarter-sheet cake will cost you almost the same as a half-sheet cake at Costco, and even more if you want to feed the same amount of people. Don't miss these other Costco secrets employees won't tell you.

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The Costco sheet cake can come with nearly 30 designs, along with a selection of seasonal ones. You can keep it classic with balloons and roses, or order something a bit more festive. Looking for a dinosaur, race car, or a party owl for that Harry Potter lover? There's a cake for that. You can either order a vanilla sheet cake filled with a vanilla cheesecake mousse topped with white buttercream, or a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and chocolate buttercream.

Walmart, however, does have a few more selections when it comes to the cake flavors, but the filling choices are limited. They offer five flavors (white, chocolate, yellow, marble, and Tres Leches) and even give an option for you to suggest a different flavor. For filling, they offer strawberry or Bavarian.

So for a cheaper price, and potentially a better cake all around, Costco seems like your best stop. They are a much better deal for a birthday cake.

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