This is the most stressed out city in America

It is isn't a secret that stress could have numerous negative side effects on your body and brain. Feeling occasionally overwhelmed is one thing, but chronic stress is another, and some people are more predisposed to stress than others. Newly-released data from WalletHub shows that Americans living in certain cities are especially stressed—with Detroit, Michigan city-dwellers in the top spot.

WalletHub's study focused on 182 different metropolitan cities across the United States. About 150 of those are the most populated in the country, and the list included at least two different highly-populated cities from each state. They looked at four key stressors including work, finances, family, and health and safety. The data measured from the U.S. Census Bureau, FBI, and other agencies include 37 specific metrics such as weekly working hours, divorce rates, and average sleeping hours, to name a few. Here are expert ways to make managing stress easier.

Overall, Detroit had the highest ranking followed by Newark, New Jersey; Cleveland, Ohio; Birmingham, Alabama; and Toledo, Ohio. On the other hand, the least stressed cities are Fremont, California; Bismarck, North Dakota; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Overland Park, Kansas; and South Burlington, Vermont. The city rankings, however, differ somewhat from WalletHub's previous ranking of the most and least stressed states in America. Louisiana, New Mexico, and West Virginia hold the top spots on that list—with none of their major cities cracking the top five on the most-stressed cities list.

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