Soap opera queen Susan Lucci reveals what she really eats in a day


There are some stars who rely on the skills of a plastic surgeon to look half their age, and others who hide behind a full face of makeup -- and then there's Susan Lucci.

The 71-year-old soap opera actress looks better than most of us will look in a lifetime. It's a youthful aesthetic she's maintained thanks to the help of pilates -- which she credits for her "core strength, flexibility and energy" -- and a healthy diet. Lucci recently opened up to Harper's Bazaar about her dieting routine, what goes into her cheat days and more.

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The 'All My Children' alum wakes up with a cup of coffee, mixed with organic sugar and whole milk before squeezing in a pilates workout. Her breakfast normally consists of Greek yogurt with lingonberries, while she opts for sliced turkey on a beefsteak tomatoes (instead of bread) for lunch. And salmon, broccoli and salad is Lucci's go-to dinner with her chef husband.

When it comes to cheat days, the daytime television star knows it's better to not deprive herself. Whether it's blueberry pancakes or champagne, Lucci wants a splurge to "be worth it." For more on her daily routine, watch the video above!


h/t Harper's Bazaar