Lay's embarks on a culinary expedition with 8 new chip flavors for its 'Flavor of the Summer'

Junk food fans, do we have some news for you!

Just today, Lay's announced 8 (yes, 8) new types of 'Summer of Flavor' to bring your next barbecue, cheat day or road-trip snack essential to the next level. From spicy comfort food in the south to sweet lobster rolls in the Northeast, Lay's Tastes of America aims to tackle every single tastebud, from coast to coast.

"From Thai Sweet Chili in the Pacific Northwest, to Deep Dish Pizza in the Heartland or Cajun Spice in the Central Gulf, we wanted to honor the beloved flavors that remind our fans of home by making 'Tastes of America' our biggest flavor launch yet," explained senior director of Lay's marketing Sarah Guzman.

"We couldn't think of a better time of year to bring these flavors to our fans because between barbeques, food festivals and outdoor fun, summertime truly is the most flavorful time of year," she continued.

Here are the 8 new Lay's flavors, just in time for summer:

  • Cajun Spice (Central Gulf)
  • Chile Con Queso (Texoma, Mountain, SoCal)
  • Chesapeake Bay Crab Spice (Mid-Atlantic)
  • Deep Dish Pizza (Heartland & Mid-America)
  • Fried Pickles with Ranch (Midwest)
  • New England Lobster Roll (Northeast)
  • Pimento Cheese (Southeast)
  • Thai Sweet Chili (Pacific Northwest)

It gets better.

To celebrate the launch, Lay's is embarking on a culinary expedition around the country, popping up at local food festivals and get-togethers to celebrate the flavor of every region. (You can check to see if Lay's is visiting your hometown here.)

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Fear not if you can't make it to one of those 8 festivals, because these unique flavors will be hitting supermarket shelves soon. Even better, you can place an order for any flavor -- no matter your region -- through Walmart or Amazon now.

Happy snacking!

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