Winny Stokes, 90, welcomes her 100th grandchild

While the rest of us may just have a family tree, this British grandmother must have a whole orchard, considering she just welcomed her 100th grandchild.

90-year-old Winny Stokes from Gloucester had 14 kids with her late husband, Ken.

She remembers a time when it felt like she was bouncing back and forth from her home to the hospital to give birth. The kids shared bunk beds and hand-me-downs, switched off chores, while family trips required a 52-seater coach.

"Growing up it was chaos and happy. Never a dull moment," explained her daughter Tracey, 54.

“Ken was ever so good you know getting the washing up together and I would be downstairs in the kitchen with the children peeling the potatoes for the dinner," Winny said, according to the Mirror. Holidays and Christmas were always a fun production, but there were too many of them to go on vacation together.

“There were too many of us to take on holiday though so we used to go on days trips to Barry Island and that," she said.

Winny's kids eventually went on to have broods of their own, 34 in fact.

Eventually, her family grew even more with 66 great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren too, adding up to a total of 100 with baby Hunter! Winny was surprised as anyone, exclaiming, “I just couldn’t believe it when I was told I had 100 grandchildren.”

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