The ellumi is the light of the future -- and it's on sale!


Behold, a product that will satisfy even your most germaphobe of friends, while simultaneously masquerading as a chic home decor addition: The ellumi is on sale -- and you'll definitely want to get onboard with the first light of its kind.

No matter how spotless your kitchen and bathroom might look, there is still harmful bacteria lurking all around. Plus, since cleaning and disinfecting are *not* the same thing, unless you're taking the necessary precautions to kill these harmful germs, you're at-risk for the illnesses caused by it -- and you don't even realize it.

“Recent salmonella and E Coli outbreaks across the country are a painful reminder of how pervasive and dangerous the spread of these bacteria and other harmful organisms can be," explained CEO Colleen Costello, who co-founded Vital Vio in 2013 after her grandmother contracted MRSA during a hospital stay. "Ellumi under-cabinet lights, powered by our patented VioSafe technology, give homeowners a new layer of continuous disinfection protection against these deadly germs.”

Luckily, that's where the ellumi comes in to give your kitchen a little extra sparkle. Powered by Vital Vio, the LED light kills 99 percent of bacteria, such as Staph, MRSA, E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria and the other harmful microbes that are lurking directly in your home. The light puts White Light Disinfection technology to work -- sans chemicals or UV rays -- to continuously kill germs with just a flick of a switch.

The LED lasts for up to 36,000 hours and comes in different sizes -- so whether you'd like to take extra precautions for your office or bathroom, kitchen or laundry room, the ellumi has got you covered.

And thank the hygiene gods, the light is on sale even after Amazon Prime Day at almost 30 percent off, helping to make our germaphobe dreams come true. Happy cleaning!

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