Celebrity hairstylist George Papanikolas reveals summer's hottest hair trend


Many of us tend to dye our hair lighter browns or blonde tones in the summer, but MATRIX celebrity hairstylist convinced us to go bold -- and we have no regrets.

Using MATRIX's #SoColorCult Vibrant Hair dye, Papanikolas (who's responsible for the hair color of Shay Mitchell, Fergie, Jena Dewan, Paris Jackson, the Kardashians to name a few) turned our newly lightened tresses into a sea of bright magenta.

Credit: MATRIX

Using his signature two-step balayage technique, the celebrity hairstylist first free-hand painted sections of our curly hair, which ended up giving us soft, natural caramel colored tones before he went in with the big guns.

For the lightest pieces of hair, he backcombed and colored big slices of our locks to complete our balayage transformation. Reason for the teasing? The backcombing lightly diffuses the highlights and makes them fall softly into the hair rather than looking harsh and choppy. Anyone remember Kim Kardashian's blonde tresses? Papanikolas was responsible for the beauty's fun, beachy California cool-girl vibe.

Once the blonde locks were done, Papanikolas went in with MATRIX's #SoColorCult in a hot pink hue and applied it liberally all over our hair, coating the newly done blonde. We went all in.

While we are not new to the sea of bright hues on our hair, we were a little nervous considering the fact that we had just dyed our hair dark after having it lightened until it almost broke off, but Papanikolas assured us that with The Re-bond system, our hair would get back to its healthy and strong form.

The 3-step routine (shampoo, pre-conditioner, conditioner) helps fortify weakened, over processed hair leaving it strengthened and silky-smooth.

Credit: MATRIX

Over the course of a couple weeks of using the 3-step system, our hair grew stronger and we have noticed less breakage. One of the things that most surprised us about this experience is the way the magenta color lightly disappeared with each wash, creating a beautiful, faded effect. After several weeks, the semi-permanent pink dye completely washed out, leaving us with the beautiful balayage Papanikolas initiated us with.

Consider us tickled pink.