Meat and Greet: How to prepare a perfectly patriotic burger this Independence Day


The hot July sun will wear anyone out, and whether you spend the day at the beach or on a back porch this Fourth of July, heading indoors for a fresh juicy burger is sure to help you last through the fireworks.

George Motz is a hamburger expert who's penning a book titled "Hamburger America." He shared his tips with Inside Edition for how to make a flawless burger.

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Motz said that, contrary to popular belief, the juiciest beef patties are cooked indoors, and a few specific steps should be taken to make sure you get the savory taste just right.

Step 1: Make sure you grab the right kind of pan.

"This is the best way to cook a burger inside," said Motz. "In fact, I think it's the only way to cook a burger inside. It's inside a flat-top griddle or skillet."

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Motz uses his great-great-grandmother’s cast-iron skillet to grill his patty, and insists the key towards getting the salty flavor just right is to never wash your skillet with detergent. Just give it a little rinse.

"Please do not wash your cast iron skillet, whatever you do!" he said. "A cast iron skillet is slightly porous and it retains a lot the flavor from your last meal, which then feeds into the flavor of your current meal."

When adding the heat, the proper pan means nothing if you don’t also select the right type of meat.

Step 2: Choosing the right type of beef.

Motz said he relies on chuck every time to get the job done, thanks to the beef’s ample amount of fat.

"The fat is flavor," he said.

Motz’ favorite kind of burger is the flattened, old-fashioned kind found in roadside diners, not the thick kind so many Americans seem to enjoy these days.

"This was actually designed to be cooked quickly," he said.

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Once you have adequately smashed and flattened your patty down, Motz instructs that it’s best to let it sit for three minutes to soak up some salty flavor and allow it to garner a nice, caramelized crust.

Step 3: The taste test!

After handing Inside Edition’s April Woodward his creation, she sure wasn’t disappointed.

"That's the best American burger I've ever had!" Woodward said.

With “nothing more than some beef, salt and cheese,” Motz believes this traditional,flattened burger is the tastiest one in the game.

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