Your July 2018 horoscopes

July has arrived with the opposite of a bang. During the month, most of the planets in the solar system are retrograde at some point, including Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. What’s that means for us here on Earth? A lot of nothing getting done because the gods of the sky are taking a summer sabbatical.

July 2018 horoscopes
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July 2018 horoscopes

Break out the tap shoes: This month is your opportunity to shine. The new moon solar eclipse on July 12 will spell luck, expansion, artistic vision and compassion. Make your own oat milk. Study up on adaptogens. Try that free trial of that Instagram influencer’s workout plan (#abs). Submit your hilarious/heartfeld roadtrip story to The Moth. Do you, and do it big.

Meanwhile you have Venus, planet of love, and Mercury, trickster god of communications, in your house of earnings, which usually bodes well for your wallet. However, Mercury goes retrograde at the end of the month on July 26, and the missed connections may start early. You’re not about to go broke, Cancer, but if you’ve been fighting with a spouse over money, or if you’ve been promised a raise, you’ll win the war, but you may lose this battle. Let it go, and focus on the long game. (Just don’t make any big bets.)

Before we start, I just wanna say: Leo, we’re here for you this month. (Don’t kill the messenger.) OK, so… Mars retrograde is going down right smack in your partnership sector. Things will get tense with your husband/wife/partner. Try to remember—even if your husband forgets to pick up the kids from school (again)—you’re in this for the long haul. If you need a little pick-me-up, heed these women’s advice. This untethering could also involve a business partner or roommate who isn’t pulling their weight as a deadline/rent date approaches. Still, you have the zodiac’s Santa Claus, Jupiter, finally going direct on the 10th for the first time since March in your house of home and family. That means balance in your inner life to get you through this, specifically with some whisky and Netflix time—aka còsagach.

But it’s not all bad news. Venus and Mercury will be in your house of self, lending you superpowers in charm. Sure, those benefits will slow down when Mercury goes retrograde on July 26, right before the full moon. But little lion, this is fine, because the way out of these battles is to use the power of Venus. Channel your best Ina Garten, arrange some hydrangeas and put off the big decisions until later. You may have to dig deep into your psyche to find the inner calm necessary to become a priestess of peace, but after the 12th, you will. We believe in you, lion!

July will be all about healthy habits, Virgo, which usually you’re pretty good at. Don’t go crazy with fad diets (goodbye, intermittent fasting). This is the time for focusing on consistency. For you, Mars is spinning its retrograde anger in your house of workload and health, and the full moon lunar eclipse on the 27th will join him there, bringing those issues to a boil and releasing the tension. Even if you are being pulled in a million directions and Tandy in accounting won’t stop Gchatting you about her dog’s emphysema, it’s the routines that maintain your sanity through this trying time. Get in the habbit of prepping overnight breakfasts to get you started every morning. Meditate every day before you leave for work. These little life-savers will, well, save your life.

Earlier in the month, on July 12, you’ll have a solar eclipse new moon, which provides an opportunity to goal-set and articulate your hopes and dreams. This one is happening in your house of friendship and group identities, so by all means, answer the call to be social. Schedule a no-phone brunch with your pals (after all, you’re the one always on the phone). With Jupiter, planet of luck and levity, in your house of communication, you’ll find more stimulating conversation these days, which will take your mind off Tandy’s dog.

You love love, Libra, but right now Mars is transiting backwards in your house of romance, creativity and children. This doesn’t mean bad news for any crushes you’re indulging in or relationships you’re in, but it means that nothing is progressing quite at the cadence you’d prefer. (Don’t tell us: He hasn’t asked you on a fourth date yet.) Embrace the indecision, and use the summer slowdown as an opportunity for reflection and reexamination. This will culminate at the end of the month, July 27, when the full moon lunar eclipse answers a question you’ve had for awhile. While it may not be the answer you were looking for, it’s the one you need. (*Cough He’s just not that into you cough*)

Meanwhile, after July 10, you will naturally get your Joanna Gaines on and spruce up your digs. Whether that’s funking up your desk space or splurging on a new design book, this is an excellent time to have friends over for a game night, dinner party or gossip fiesta. Two days later, the solar eclipse new moon hits in your house of career and fame. Even if you don’t have a project on the horizon, this is an opportunity to clarify your dreams to yourself and set actionable short-term and long-term goals. Yep, it’s time to buy yourself that Panda Planner.

Prepare for lots of intense feeling, Scorpio (who are we kidding, you were born prepared for intensity). Mars’s retrograde tour through your home and domesticity sector means that the Billy bookcase you ordered from Ikea will sooner wind up in Shanghai than your doorstep. (Sorry.) This chaos will be exacerbated at the end of the month when Mercury goes retrograde on July 26 in your house of career. But there’s a silver lining! This provides a unique opportunity for you to examine the connection between your most private self and your public life. Is one nourishing the other? You are really, really great at keeping your own secrets. Maybe it’s time to start sharing them.

Meanwhile, use the new moon solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12 to set goals around long vacations abroad, any publishing endeavors or even just a new philosophy or approach to your life—yep, it’s time to try kintsugi, the Japanese philosophy that embraces your own flaws. You may even find wisdom and inspiration in an artistic project you’d long abandoned. If there’s still juice in that fruit, squeeze it, Scorpio!

If you’re in a relationship, ignore the heavy warnings about eclipse season and take a trip somewhere fabulous (floating hotel in Cambodia, anyone?). As a centaur, you love to travel anyway, and with a partner it’s all the better. If unattached, maybe you’ll meet someone (or many someones...) abroad.

The new moon lunar eclipse on July 12 is favorable for your bank account, and it’s in good position to your ruler Jupiter, the planet of good luck and big thinking. After the 10th, you are likely to see a real connection between self-care and tangible rewards. Yep, your lifestyle blog is primed to start making money.

Of course, Mars is still retrograde all month in your house of communication, so bite your tongue if you’re feeling more combative than usual (you are). This is not the time to go to war with a self-checkout machine in CVS. The full moon lunar eclipse on the 27th will bring some closure to your struggle to rise above it all. All the more reason not to speak before you think, eh? It’s hard for a Sagittarius to hold back when you want to go off, but if there were ever a time for cooler heads to prevail, now is it. You’re cool, so be yourself.

As the zodiac's OG overachiever, you're probably more frustrated than most with the planetary summer slump. Can a goat get a little help, please? And with the full moon lunar eclipse on July 27 bringing closure to some questions you might have about your paycheck (umm, why isn't it bigger?), you may feel like you're walking on eggshells in the meantime. But for every thorn there is a rose, and while work might be stressful, the new moon solar eclipse on July 12 is very friendly to your partnership prospects. If you're coupled up, you may get engaged or decide to move in. If you're single, you may meet someone you could get serious about. Take the romance and run, Capricorn!

Prepare for battle, Aquarius, but in the way that pumps you up, not depresses you. You’re the Annie Oakley of the zodiac, and if anyone can deal with a summer-long Mars retrograde parked right in their house of self, it’s you. You want to get angry? Well, you can’t really Hulk-out (or quick draw) the way you might usually do since the Red Planet is asleep on the job. You'll be able to let off some steam later in the month on July 27, when everything comes to a head during the full moon lunar eclipse. This means that allies may feel like enemies, spouses may confront you over something small that turns out to be NOT small (those plates in the sink really do add up), and fundamental questions about who you are and what you want are up for review.

Yikes. At least your career is popping. Look out for opportunities to take on ambitious projects on July 12, right after the new moon solar eclipse peaks in your house of work. What may seem like a small task—even thankless—may be the key to your next award-winning campaign. That'll look good on LinkedIn. The point is, your hustle now is likely to be rewarded with both money AND prestige, the promise of which should hold you over until August.

Your romance and creativity sector are blooming this month, as the new moon solar eclipse on July 12 lands right there, and in good placement relative to dreamy Neptune. Take this mid-month gift as an opportunity to solidify relationship goals if you’re attached, or to swipe right a few extra times if you’re not. If you swore off the apps, now’s the time to act all film noir at that cute speakeasy bar because luck is on your side with this lunar event.

Meanwhile, Mars is angry and sleepy in retrograde all month, as he is for everyone, but this is happening in your house of self-care and vulnerability. To resolve this tension, make sure you’re massaging those anxious thoughts in a positive way. Try tapping or even ASMR (they seem kooky, but people swear by their calming effects). If you bottle those thoughts up, it’ll only delay the process of healing. As the fish of the zodiac, you love to go with the flow, and you’re more sensitive to where the current is directing you. To get through this month, listen more intently than usual to what you need (that’s right, I said YOU, not your family, friends or co-workers). You have the answer already.

It’s time to buy some scratch-offs and respond to that strange number that texted you, “Hey! Long time no chat!” For the next few months your perspective should be looking backwards. Even if you purposefully let a friendship die on the vine, this is the time to slow down and reconnect with the past. So yes, you should reply to the anonymous text. Whether it’s from an old flame or sorority sister, something good will happen from re-discovering that relationship (and hey, one night of passion never hurt no one). As you dumpster dive through your life, you’ll find some closure (and maybe a cute dress in the back of your closet?) with the lunar eclipse on July 27.

Meanwhile, Jupiter is finally going direct (the opposite of retrograde!) on July 10th in your house of other people’s money (resources you get from any other source but your paycheck), and your Venmo account could see a boost for your side hustles. Or you could win the lottery (hence: scratch-offs). That money can go to good use on July 12 as the new moon solar eclipse lands in your house of home and family. Yeah, it might be smart to start looking at StreetEasy. (And here are some tips if this is your first time buying a place. Don’t act so surprised…) See, Aries? A little patience can lead to big progress.

Mars is retrograde in your house of career, so you may feel stalled on the way to your dream job. This means it’s time for an audit. Reexamine your goals. Do you still really want to be a DJ? The late-night hours and partying might be wearing you thin. You’ll feel some culmination in this realm on July 27 with the lunar eclipse full moon, but this is no time for making major decisions as Mercury is going retrograde a day earlier. Aka do not cancel any shows because you have a “headache.”

Meanwhile, earlier in the month, Jupiter will be one of the only planets stationing direct on July 10 in your marriage sector, so if you’re partnered up, you may feel more momentum in your relationship than you have since February (and if want more momentum, try the 5:1 ratio). If you’re not married, you may get engaged (He went to Jared!!!!), and if you’re single, you may meet someone you could be serious about. Just wait until things settle down before you make the “I met the one!” call home.

The new moon on July 12 will light up your house of cash money income (YAAAAS). Even if you don’t see a raise right now, this is the time to plant those seeds at work. Start a whisper campaign at the office about how great you’ve been lately. (Here’s some great salary raise inspoif you need it.) Things are going to get busy since Jupiter will no longer be retrograde starting the 10th in your house of day-to-day projects. Jupiter makes everything bigger, so your workload will continue to swell. Say “yes” to as much as you can. You can handle it.

All good news. Except, well…the slowdown of Mars is hampering your travel plans all summer. (Sorry). Not only are Mars, Neptune and Pluto retrograde, but your home planet, Mercury, will start heading backward on July 26. You may have that exciting South America trip planned, so triple-check the address of that eco-lodge and bring a book in case you miss that bus to Cartagena…because you’ll probably miss that bus to Cartagena.


The big note for this month (and the whole summer, really) is to just let it happen and not to freak out. Don’t try to force progress when the universe is telling you to slow. The. Hell. Down. Sometimes the hardest advice to follow is the simplest: go to the beach, get a really good sunscreen, crack open a book and don't worry about the future right now.

Psst: Remember to read for your rising sign as well as your sun, because it tells you which parts of your life are most affected by the horoscope.


What Your Horoscope Says About Your Diet
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What Your Horoscope Says About Your Diet

What the Stars Say About Your Diet

Your horoscope may label you as a stubborn person, a decision-maker, one who can keep cool under pressure or a wild child. So it got us wondering: if your horoscope can indicate things about your personality, want can it say about your diet and your health?

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

As fire signs, Aries are driven people who are often prone to headaches and sinus infections. Watch the role your diet plays in your health.

“You often neglect your nutritional needs by yo-yo or extreme dieting,” says Dixon-Cooper, who notes Aries can be impatient and often look for quick results like fad diets.

Denise Baron of suggests that Aries cut down on spicy foods and look for more balance. She suggests drinking cooling herb teas and eating eggs, pomegranates and green vegetables.

Image Credit: The Daily Meal

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

This sign, represented by a bull, can be indulgent.

“You’re likely to overdo it on the wine and chocolate or other comfort foods,” says Chauran. “This is because food is one of the great pleasures in life, and a Taurus knows how to appreciate a good life. You may be quite stubborn about trying new foods or, worse still, modifying your favorite foods so that they’re more healthy.”

In a nod to the sign’s love of comfort and security, Dixon-Cooper says a Taurus may enjoy “home-style cooking and plenty of leftovers.”

Image Credit: The Daily Meal

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

“This is a social sign who needs a community or desires to eat with people — coworker, family or friend,” says Baron. “They eat on the go: take-out or order out or go out to eat often.”

A wide variety of foods appeal to “twin sign” Geminis. Geminis need to rest more and take breaks, including chewing more slowly.

“You have so much nervous energy that you can find it hard to sit still or be quiet long enough to fully enjoy a meal,” explains Dixon-Cooper.

Image Credit: The Daily Meal

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

People under the Cancer sign are loyal to their favorite foods.

“You are very slow to make changes in your diet,” says Chauran. “A Cancer may relate to favorite foods as if they were important characters in their lives, so good luck trying to get a Cancer to give up a favorite meal that may not be healthy.”

Since people with this sign easily change their moods, sticking to a set grocery list or buying one fixed list of ingredients for a set meal can be a challenge.

Image Credit: The Daily Meal

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

“You love luxury, like eating at five-star restaurants, as often as possible,” says Dixon-Cooper of the Leo sign.

Buying organic produce or splurging on extras is worth it for Leos who value the good life.

Still, Leos can be “very impulsive,” which Dixon-Cooper says may result in too many “spontaneous ‘cheat meal’ days if on a diet.”

Image Credit: The Daily Meal

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgos have the tendency to watch their calories. That can be good for controlling weight, but it can become a burden if it turns into an obsession with food.

“Be careful about overthinking food,” says Chauran. “Virgos can easily go down a rabbit hole of deciding which foods are ‘bad’ and which foods are ‘good’ and forgetting about the joy and nourishment of it all.”

Image Credit: The Daily Meal

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

If you’re a Libra, you like to be the center of the action.

“You’re a social butterfly and love grazing at cocktail parties or sharing ideas over dinner with your closest friends,” says Dixon-Cooper, who reminds those under the sign to drink lots of water and fresh juices to stay toxin-free.

Make sure you eat, though: often Libras will skip dinner if it means they have to eat alone.

Image Credit: The Daily Meal

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

The Scorpio, associated with the scorpion, is very precise.

Chauran says people in this sign hate “not knowing what’s in a meal, because he or she likes to have control over the experience in order to have a good time.”

Scorpios can be adventurous eaters, which is a good thing, but they’re also easily frustrated by foods and recipes that don’t meet their expectations.

Image Credit: The Daily Meal

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

There’s a reason Sagittarius love eating at buffets!

“Everything is larger-than-life with your sign — including cooking a feast for 20 of your closest friends,” says Dixon-Cooper, who notes buffets offer the opportunity for people in this sign to “sample everything the restaurant has to offer.”

Baron recommends Sagittarians eat bitter greens and get calcium from foods and supplements. “This fire sign needs cooling remedies, too,” she says, suggesting acupuncture and foot massage.

Image Credit: The Daily Meal

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

This sign is organized, detailed, and loves food!

“You’re the sign most likely to Instagram pictures of really good food,” says Chauran, explaining Capricorns typically plan meals in advance and have recipes in specific folders.

“Your friends probably tell you to relax and just enjoy the moment a little more at mealtimes,” she says.

Image Credit: The Daily Meal

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

People under Aquarius, an air sign, often have asthma and anxiety. They can be adventurous eaters but also can stick to routines, including eating the same foods over and over.

“You might have circulation issues and should eat spicier food to help stimulate your system,” says Dixon-Cooper. “You often like detox diets or juicing-only programs because of the energy boost they provide.”

Image Credit: The Daily Meal

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Can’t turn away a turnover? Yep, you’re a Pisces.

“Your sign loves sweets, snacks and anything that isn’t good for you,” says Dixon-Cooper.

Often Pisces view food as a social experience.

“The Pisces is the sign most likely to cheerfully go along with the majority rule for what restaurant to visit, even if it is exotic or a restaurant you’ve been to a million times,” says Chauran. “The Pisces makes a very good roommate, as he or she will gladly compromise and change aspects of meals to suit the dietary preferences of others.”

Image Credit: The Daily Meal


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