Hamburgers vs. hot dogs: What voters and politicians prefer, based on their politics

As Americans celebrate the 4th of July, it appears party lines play a role in what we eat during this national holiday.

A new Axios and Survey Monkey Poll shows people who voted for President Trump would prefer to eat hamburgers, while Hillary Clinton voters actually prefer hot dogs on July 4th.

It is unclear however if both sides agree that a hot dog is, in fact, a sandwich. While Trump voters appear to drink more beer on July 4th than Clinton voters, a small percentage of both drink beer. Six percent of Clinton voters and eight percent of Trump voters like to drink beer on the 4th.

And it appears the disagreement has even made its way to Capitol Hill. Republican representative Mark Walker says he prefers hot dogs while Democratic Rep. Jim Himes says he prefers hamburgers.

However, some lawmakers, like Democratic Rep. Earl Blumenauer says he’d rather eat a salad and be healthy on the 4th. Whatever you chose to eat on this Independence Day, I think one thing we can all agree on using during this summer holiday, despite party lines, is sunscreen