Woman says she lost her toenails after fish pedicure

A woman in her 20s lost every single one of her toenails after reportedly getting a fish pedicure.

A fish pedicure is when people have small toothless carp feed on their feet while soaking in a tub of water.

The fish eat dead human skin off the feet, according to Fox News.

Gizmodo reported that the woman’s toenails started falling off after she had the pedicure.

A dermatologist ruled out any known causes of a possible condition called onychomadesis.

Her doctor, Sheri Lipner, an assistant professor of dermatology at Columbia University’s Weill Cornell Medicine, told Gizmodo if it is onychomadesis, it could be the first ever case documented caused by fish.

Although fish pedicures are popular, it is banned in at least 10 states and Lipner says she doesn’t recommend getting one for medical or aesthetic purpose.

Lipner also told Gizmodo that the woman’s toenails will most likely make a slow return.