Chrissy Teigen, Becca Cosmetics reunite for summer collection

Chrissy Teigen and Becca Cosmetics are reuniting for the summer.

One year after making waves on the web with their Glow Face Palette, Becca and Teigen are teaming again on a line of limited-edition products called the Endless Summer Glow Collection.

“There’s a genuine affinity between the brand for Chrissy and from Chrissy for the brand,” said Robert DeBaker, chief executive officer of Becca Inc. “How this whole thing started back a couple of years ago is that Chrissy had fallen in love with a couple of our products and genuinely liked the brand. We had seen that over time and developed a relationship with her through that. That’s indicative of the way we would approach this or any other collaboration.” According to the brand, Becca’s Instagram engagement rose almost 50 percent after announcing the collaboration.

The Endless Summer Glow Collection includes a three-in-one compact featuring a highlighter and new bronzer for $38, three new Glow Gloss shades for $22 and a body oil for $42, which DeBaker said was a nod to Teigen’s first “Sports Illustrated” shoot. The line will launch on June 28 at and Becca’s relaunched web site. It will be in Sephora stores on Aug. 3.

Teigen said the collection was inspired by her family’s temporary relocation to Malibu this summer.

“We rented a house out there right on the beach and it’s pretty different vibes for us,” she said. “We’re usually city people, so being out there, I was inspired to have something really beachy, really glowy, something that would have a little bit of effortlessness to it because obviously, as you can hear, I have babies and dogs and anything that makes me feel a little bit sexier is good in my book.”

She said her two-year-old daughter, Luna, and husband, John Legend, helped her with the collection, with Luna in particular providing feedback on the fragrances.

“[Luna is] very into smell, she likes really fresh, clean scents,” Teigen said. “So was John, too. They’re two peas in a pod in every single way. The [scent] that they both loved is the one we ended up going with.”

She added that Luna often tests out products with her in her bathroom, especially new makeup brushes.

Luna is obsessed with sitting on my countertop in the bathroom,” Teigen said. “She’ll go, ‘Up, up, up,’ I put her up there and she loves brushes, using them on her face. Becca sends us tons of clean brushes all the time, so she’s always using them.”

Shop the original Chrissy x Becca palette below!