Emmy, Grammy Award red carpets to become shoppable

Buy it off their backs. FX Group, the marketing partner and advisory firm that manages award shows like the Emmys, Billboard Music Awards, Grammy Awards, Miss America and American Music Awards, has partnered with Mavatar to make its red carpets shoppable. Viewers will have the opportunity to purchase items via Mavatar’s mCart technology, a decentralized marketplace.

“FX Group and its ecosystem are the natural fit for adopting the first mCart marketplace,“ said Susan Akbarpour, cofounder and chief executive officer of Mavatar. “The FX Group’s customers are the true examples of macro-influencers or mainstream media including TV, movies, magazines and red carpet shows, whose power of storytelling sets the trends and influences millions of consumers every second. Their content resonates with the consumer, creates emotional connection between consumers and products and prompts them to buy. Outdated technologies and attribution models cannot take a lead in this crucial time.”

The marketplace will optimize content, blockchain and artificial intelligence to inform affiliate sales and cost per transaction distribution models. “The mCart marketplaces are designed to address the different needs of shoppers, influencers and bricks-and-mortar retailers,” a Mavatar spokesman said. Consumers will have the opportunity to socialize their shopping journeys to further influence their followers’ spending.

Participating brands and retailers will also have access to data to bolster marketing strategies – and furnish enhanced consumer experiences, the spokesman said. This is partially supported by the use of blockchain, which provides transparency between brands, influencers, and shoppers. “mCart data enables brands and influencers to see what product is selling, where and how much — all in real-time,” the spokesman said. The marketplace is also GDPR compliant.

This technology — and the heightened focus on red carpet dressing — will also likely heat up competition between designer, retailer and celebrity ambassadors to score high marks on the red carpet. With the new technology, a misstep will arguably have even larger ramifications than appearing on a “worst dressed” list.

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