Kim Kardashian wore braids and got slammed for cultural appropriation (again)

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to controversy, and her hairstyle at an awards show Saturday is ruffling feathers. The MTV Movie & TV Awards were filmed this weekend, and Kardashian wore her hair in long braids. The reality star shared a video showing off her hairstyle on Twitter, and people were quick to respond with cries of cultural appropriation.

“Isn’t this cultural appropriation?” one person responded to Kardashian’s tweet. “Your privilege is really showing,” another person tweeted.

Some just straight up had no time for it.

A few had some thoughts about parenting a black child while appropriating black hair.

Still, there were plenty of positive responses to Kardashian’s video, too. One person called Kardashian a “goddess,” while another wrote that Kardashian’s hair was “absolutely stunning.”

This is hardly the first time Kardashian has been accused of cultural appropriation. In January, the 37-year-old reality star posted a video on social media wearing platinum blond braids accessorized with white beads at the ends. During the short clip, she says, “So guys, I did Bo Derek braids, and I’m really into it.”

Kim Kardashian (Photo: Getty Images)
Kim Kardashian (Photo: Getty Images)

Shortly after sharing, social media’s unapproving response to her new look was swift. The Shade Room reposted the clip and individuals commented: “Those are African braids” and “Bo Derek didn’t invent any braids, style are anything that has to do braids. Let’s clear that up.”

Unbeknown to Kardashian, she was actually rocking Fulani braids, a hairstyle inspired by the Fulani people of East Africa and West Africa and also worn by women of color for centuries.

Earlier this week, Kardashian found herself involved in a different hairstyle controversy, this one concerning her daughter North West. North was seen with what appeared to be straightened hair, and some Twitter users criticized Kardashian for apparently letting her daughter get her hair straightened at a young age.

Kardashian doesn’t seem to be concerned with any of the controversy though. After sharing the video, she shared Father’s Day posts in honor of her late father, Robert Kardashian, and her husband, Kanye West.

If Kardashian hasn’t learned from the backlash to her braided hairstyles in the past, it’s unlikely that anything will change after her appearance at the MTV Movie & TV Awards. But that doesn’t mean fans will stop pointing out what many see as the error in her ways.

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