Costco is selling a TON of A5 Wagyu Beef on their website

A5 wagyu beef is considered to be one of the most expensive meats on the planet. Prized for its exquisite marbling and incredible fat quality, a slice of this steak almost melts away the instant it hits your tongue. While it may seem that you can only find it at the most select of restaurants in this country, it’s actually accessible to almost anyone, thanks to Costco.

On their online store, you can find an assortment of A5 and other variants of wagyu for sale. In terms of the A5 quality, there’s center cut New York strips, filets mignons, and whole tenderloin roasts available. Of course, since this is Costco, they’re all available in bulk, with the smallest available package of filet mignon weighing 2 pounds. That amount costs $430, which is pricey, but worth the incredible flavor and buttery texture of A5 wagyu.

Screenshot of the costco page
Screenshot of the costco page

Costco’s selection of A5 is imported from Japan and procured by a company called Authentic Wagyu, LLC. They have relationships with the USDA-approved processing facilities in Japan that allow them to procure these cuts and sell them to companies like Costco.

For us, that means there’s always going to be availability of the A5 wagyu beef. So if we want to treat ourselves to one of the world’s top-notch steaks, it doesn’t require a reservation months in advance.

Thanks to Costco, one of the world’s best meats is now obtainable for just about anybody. We just need the cash to splash out on it.